Prepare to bathe, relax your mind, body and soul in heavenly pleasure.

The Finnish outdoor hot tub is made from high quality Finnish pine. This woody plant has been proven for centuries and it is difficult to find a more suitable natural material.

The effects of the Finnish bath | Hot tub

  • People have been aware of the effect and beneficial effects of the warm Finnish bath on the organism for centuries,
  • Acts on the muscular, joint, and bone diseases and suppresses their accompanying pains
  • It softens the skin and rejuvenates. The bath conveys the whole organism, reduces stress, widens the blood vessels, acts soothingly and relieves insomnia. Finnish bath has a sauna effect
  • Winter and cold days will turn into beautiful and precious seating with family and friends, to relax in your garden in winter and in summer with a unique experience
  • The bath will free you of toxins and stress accumulated from all day
  • The use of a wooden cushion sets off the mind and enhances the feeling of freshness, purity, improves the appearance of the skin, often improves metabolism and increases the immunity of the body, encourages relaxation and relieves stress. Warm water, scenting wood and plant extracts, stimulates vascular expansion and improves blood circulation, thus providing better oxygen delivery to the organs.
  • A hot bath has a beneficial effect on the prevention of flu and colds. Breathing evaporating water helps to maintain upper respiratory health.