Pension Katarina

Family pension Katarina is located in Goral village Zdiar. The village of Zdiar lies directly below the Belianske Tatras. You can see the beauty and charm of the local Tatras from the windows of the pension. The interior of the guest house offers comfortable accommodation at a high level.

We provide accommodation on 3 floors in double, triple, quadruple rooms and double suite. For more demanding clients we offer accommodation in a four-bed and five-bed apartment. The apartments are suitable for families with children or groups of families who prefer a higher standard of accommodation.

The guest house has its own dining room, furnished in Goral style.

Why recreation in Zdiar?

Accommodation in the village Ždiar, directly from the windows of our accommodation will allow you to view the highest peak of the 14 km long limestone ridge Belianske Tatras- Havran (2151.5 m), which, as well as other peaks of the ridge, is not accessible to tourists.

High Tatras offer countless tourist triasses, suitable for less experienced but also for the most demanding tourists.

In addition to the natural beauty, the original folk architecture, folk customs, Goral folk costume and dance folklore as well as folk art production are a magnet for tourists.

In the middle of the village is a church Ždiarsky house, with a museum ethnographic exposition Ždiarska room. Visitors will find the typical equipment of Ždiar wooden houses, they can dress up a Goral costume, or take part in the Ždiar wedding.

Cottage Plesnivec lies in the Belianske Tatras at the altitude of 1290 m above sea level, which is the only habitable building in the Belianske Tatras, around which leads a hiking trail coming from Tatranska Kotlina.

Of the many tourist triasses we recommend the Valley of 7 Springs and White Water, which is one of the most beautiful hikes on the border of the Belian and High Tatras in summer.

Parking is provided free of charge at the guest house.