B&B Katarina


Family B&B Katarina is located in the Goral village of Ždiar. The beauty and charm of Belian Tatras will attract your attention right from the window of the guesthouse.

The interior of our B&B offers comfortable accommodation at a high level with a maximum capacity of 30 people on three floors in double, triple and family rooms.

For more demanding clients, we offer accommodation in four-bed and five-bed apartments. The apartments are suitable for families or group of families that prefer a higher standard of accommodation.

B&B has its own restaurant furnished in Goral style.

Why to choose accommodation in Ždiar?

Accommodation in the village of Ždiar, directly from the windows of our accommodation offers you the view to the highest peak of Belianske Tatras-peak Havran, 14 km long (2151.5 msl.)

High Tatras offer countless hiking trails, also suitable for less experienced hikers.

What attract tourists in addition to natural beauty, is well preserved original folk architecture, folk customs, Goral costume, Goral folk dance and folk crafts. Some of you will be lucky to see Goral (Zdiar) costumes dressed up especially for important occasions like Goral festival always held in August.

In the middle of the village, not far away from the church there is house of Zdiar with ethnographic museum exhibition called Ždiarska izba. Visitors will find there typical wooden Ždiar equipment, have the option to wear a Goral costume, or participate in Ždiarska wedding.

In the Belianske Tatras (1290 msl.) lies chalet Plesnivec, which is the only inhabited object in the Belianske Tatras. To reach chalet Plesnivec follow the green hiking trail coming from Tatranska Kotlina.

To name a few hiking trails, we definitely recommend hiking trail Dolina 7 pramenov a Bielej vody, which is in summer one of the most beautiful hikes in the border between Belianske and High Tatras.

The summer season has also its charm. It is suitable not only for hiking but also for the beautiful walks, or for visiting the thermal pools, either in Poland, not far away in the village called Bialka Tatrzanska-Terma Bialka (20 km)-10% discount for guests, or in Aquacity-Poprad (37km)-15% discount for guests. For lovers of sport activities there are available not only tennis courts-Bachledova dolina, but also cycling-bikepark tracks in operation- downhill, free ride, family, all in the resort Bachledova Dolina with full service like bike rental. Visitors to the  Bachledova dolina can enjoy the view from the watchtower, which offers a 14 meter breathtaking panoramic view of Belian Tatras and Pieninske Three Crowns.

In winter you can ski directly outside of our guesthouse with full service - ski equipment rental, ski school and refreshments, with a unique panoramic view of the Belian Tatras. Ski lift 200 meters in length is just ideal for you to choose to spend your holiday wit us. It combines a pleasant skiing and relax in nature.

Our ski lift is especially suitable for beginners or families with children. Our instructors will always be ready to help you whether you are a novice or an experienced skier.

For guests staying in our B&B we have a special offer for ski passes.

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